Sunday, March 3, 2013

MAR '13 SquareHue - O'Hue Collection

Oh man...SquareHue knocking it out of the park again! The March box contains the appropriately named O'Hue Collection - 3 St. Patrick's Day themed shimmer polishes. In the interest of full disclosure, I honestly wasn't too sure about 2 of these polishes when I opened the box yesterday. They just didn't seem like my style, which I guess is always a risk with subscription services like SquareHue. I am happy to report, however, that I was totally eating my words when I used them on my nails. SO pretty!

The polishes included in the O'Hue Collection are Amber Lager (a coppery, burnt orange shimmer), Blond Ale (a light champagne gold shimmer) & Patty's Pint (a not-too-deep forrest green shimmer). I love the beer-related names! Perfect for a holiday so closely related to heavy drinking, haha.

March 2013 SquareHue - O'Hue Collection

Blond Ale - Amber Lager - Patty's Pint

Front labels (Amber Lager - Blond Ale - Patty's Pint)

Bottom label includes polish name & the month it was included in

Back labels (Amber Lager - Blond Ale - Patty's Pint)

Bottle shot w/ flash (Amber Lager - Blond Ale - Patty's Pint)

The following swatches are 3 coats of Blond Ale & 2 coats each of Patty's Pint & Amber Lager with no top coat.

Patty's Pint & Blond Ale (flash)

Patty's Pint & Blond Ale (no flash)

Amber Lager & Blond Ale (flash)

Amber Lager & Blond Ale (no flash)

The 2 polishes that I wasn't sure about were Amber Lager & Blond Ale. Like I said, I just didn't know if they were quite my style, but I was so impressed when I put them on! They ended up being way more flattering than I had imagined. The green polish was expected in a March/St. Patty's themed box I suppose, but I would have been pretty disappointed had there not been one. Also, it kind of does double duty since the Pantone Color of the Year for 2013 is Emerald & Patty's Pint is a similar color!

The formula on these was pretty good. Since they are all shimmers they tend to show brush strokes at least a little bit. Patty's Pint showed them the least (if at all, really) & Amber Lager showed them the most, but none of them were so bad that it made application difficult. The consistency was great for all of them, the polish flowed nicely & didn't flood my cuticles or side walls. Blond Ale was a little sheer, taking 3 coats for full opacity. Patty's Pint & Amber Lager were opaque in 2 coats.

I'm so happy with SquareHue that I don't even remotely miss that other monthly polish box that shall not be named. I'm especially excited for the next box because April is my birthday month & The Bloom Collection sounds like it could include some gorgeous colors!

Have you jumped on the SquareHue train? What do you think of the O'Hue Collection? Any predictions about what colors will be in the April box? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Love the green:)

  2. I got my box and I loved the colors too. I wasn't sure about Blond but when I put it on, oh momma!!

    1. Blond Ale definitely scared me a little but I ended up loving it! What a nice surprise. :-)

  3. o0o0o I've never heard of this brand...I love subscriptions though!! Do you know if this is available international??

    1. They are really great! Unfortunately I think they are currently only shipping to US addresses, but they are fairly new so hopefully they will expand to international soon! You can find more info at! =]