Sunday, June 2, 2013

Jindie Nails - Rave

Oh man, you guys. I'm the worst. Sorry that I've been absent for so long. Motivation has been severely lacking lately but I'm back on the train & I've got a great polish to show you today!

Jindie Nails Rave is a beautiful white crelly (creme/jelly) base filled with a ton of different types of neon glitter. There's circular, hex, large, small & medium glitters, some of which are semi-transparent. It all makes for a very pretty polish with a ton of depth & interest.

Jindie Nails Rave

Jindie Nails Rave

The formula on this polish was spot on. The glitter came out evenly & easily & it was opaque in 3 coats. The only ones that I felt I was kind of fishing for were the large magenta circular glitters, but as you can see I managed to get out quite a few of them. Dry time for this was pretty good. I used a quick dry topcoat for the manicure pictured above.

I'm a huge fan of indie polishes, so I was super excited to get to try out Jindie Nails. I'd read so many good things about the brand online & now I can say that I definitely agree! This polish is a stunner & I'm happy that it's part of my collection.

Have you tried anything by Jindie Nails? What's your favorite indie brand? Share in the comments below!

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