Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cell Shot: Deborah Lippmann - Do The Mermaid

Hi everyone! Someday soon I promise I will be able to stop apologizing for not posting as often, but for today...I'm sorry! I do have a quick post for you today though because I just couldn't wait to show off this polish. Deborah Lippmann's Do The Mermaid is part of her Summer 2013 Mermaids collection which was created due to the popularity of Mermaid's Dream (easily one of my favorite polishes of all time). Here's a quick photo that I took on my phone (pardon the nubbin nails...stress = nail biting relapse):

Deborah Lippmann - Do The Mermaid

Does it live up to the beauty of the original Mermaid's Dream? I'd say...yes! I love this polish. I scooped up 3 out of the 4 Mermaids & I wasn't going to post any of them until I could put together a full post on all of them together, but I just couldn't wait. I think that this is the perfect summer polish & I'm so excited to see if the others are equally as pretty. I mean, look at it! Shimmer, glitter, pastels, oh my!

The formula was a breeze. The photo above is 2 coats with topcoat. Dry time was super fast & glitter payoff was perfection (as Lippmann's usually are). There will definitely be a full post coming soon that includes the other 2 Mermaids that I picked up, Mermaid's Kiss & Million Dollar Mermaid. I skipped out on Mermaid's Eyes because I thought it might be just a little TOO similar to Mermaid's Dream...but who knows, maybe I'll add that one to the collection someday, too.

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Have a great Sunday! <3

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