Tuesday, January 15, 2013

JAN '13 SquareHue - Arctic Collection

I signed up for SquareHue the day I heard about it & I've been patiently waiting to receive my first box ever since! Yesterday was my lucky day I guess, because this little box of goodness was waiting for me in the mail.

SquareHue is a new polish-centric subscription service that has internet lacquerheads all atwitter, especially those of us who may have grown weary of certain other monthly polish boxes (tiny bottles, too many repeats, often poor customer service...bleh). The polishes included are 3-Free, Camphor Free, Cruelty Free & made in the USA. A subscription will run you $21/month with free shipping, which I think is totally worth it for 3 full .5oz bottles of polish! The subscription can also be paused & cancelled as you see fit. You can sign up on SquareHue's website now to secure your February box & you should probably move quickly since the January collection sold out!

The January box contains SquareHue's Arctic Collection. The polishes included are Midnight Flurries (a dusty medium blue with scattered holo glitter), Arctic Frost (a sheer white flake-ish glitter/shimmer) & Glacier Skies (a light sky blue creme). In the interest of getting these pics up as soon as I could, I swatched these on a nail wheel instead of on my own nails. My apologies, I was just SO anxious! Click any of the photos to enlarge.

Welcome to the SquareHue family!


Simple, protective packaging made of recycled materials

3 full size (.5 oz) polishes

Bottom label includes polish name & the month it was included in

Bottle shots (Midnight Flurries - Arctic Frost - Glacier Skies)

Back labels (Midnight Flurries - Arctic Frost - Glacier Skies)

Front labels (Midnight Flurries - Arctic Frost - Glacier Skies)
Midnight Flurries - Arctic Frost - Glacier Skies
Midnight Flurries - Arctic Frost - Glacier Skies
Midnight Flurries - Arctic Frost - Glacier Skies
1 coat of Arctic Frost over Glacier Skies & Midnight Flurries
1 coat of Arctic Frost over Glacier Skies & Midnight Flurries

Aren't they pretty?! I love these colors & I think that they perfectly convey the arctic feeling that SquareHue was going for. All of the photos above are 2 coats of polish with no topcoat except for the last two which are 2 coats of each blue polish with 1 coat of Arctic Frost over top, also with no topcoat. The formula on all of the polishes was good & the dry time seemed pretty quick. Glacier Skies was a little streaky after the first coat, but a thick 2nd coat leveled it out quite nicely. Midnight Flurries dries a little grainy, but a coat or 2 of topcoat should fix that right up.

Overall, I'm super impressed with my first SquareHue box! I'm excited for February's Vintage Love collection, too. I think this is just the beginning of a long & satisfying relationship. =D

Are you signed up for SquareHue? What did you think of the January box? How do you think it compares to other subscription services? Let me know in the comments!

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