Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Guess what? There's a new polish subscription service & I'm pretty excited about it!

It's called SquareHue & it looks promising. I found out about it from THIS post from one of my favorite nail polish bloggers, The PolishAholic. She has lovely pics of the December box polishes on her blog (as well as a coupon code to get your monthly box for only $14.99!).

After months of threatening to cancel my Julep subscription (after many customer service issues, among other things), I finally did it today & decided to sign up for SquareHue instead. The polishes are larger (a full .5oz vs Julep's .27oz) &, with the coupon code, the box is cheaper ($14.99/month with the coupon code vs Julep's $19.99/month price tag). Unlike Julep, there are no style options to choose from each month. They simply send you the 3 curated polishes, so hopefully they have some good ones. I can't wait to find out!

I will be receiving my first box in January & will definitely be reviewing it here so be sure to check back if you're curious!

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